01. About Us

Fast Shine Car Wash was established by key auto enthusiasts to provide great car washing services to customers in the Tracy and Mountain House area. We provide an environmentally friendly service, while at the same time offer a fast car wash experience for the client.

At Fast Shine, our car wash services are more environmentally friendly than washing your car at home. We use state of the art computer-controlled systems that automatically measure the length of every vehicle, helping us to minimize unnecessary electricity and water waste.

02. Why Choose Us?

Fast Shine Wash can save you time and money instead of washing your car at home. With our automated car wash system, customers don’t not have to step out of their vehicles to get them clean and shine like brand new.

Here at Fast Shine, we drain water into an eco-friendly drainage facility to protect the environment. Our team takes less than 3 minutes to wash your car, meanwhile provide you free vacuum service with each car wash.

With different types of car washes and top quality services, we are the neighborhood favorites!